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About Us

The "Scary Endings" team is a group of friends who all work in the entertainment business in various capacities, and have a love of the horror/thriller genre!


Combining our talents and goals we set out to produce a series of self-funded shorts; what started out as an experiment to see if it was possible has become a regular monthly occurrence for us as a group. We receive no funding what so ever and have to put our own money into making these shorts. All of us have separate full time jobs, and in some cases, part time jobs on top of their full time job which allows us to be able to produce a "Scary Endings" episode each month.

While we all play different prominent roles within the production process, we’re a very collaborative team and work together coming up with ideas for each episode and the result we hope is a very diverse slate of horror shorts – it’s not always easy; most episodes are shot in a single day, telling a story in a few pages is a challenge, and making the post production deadline for our monthly release is often right down to the wire. But it is always worth it.


We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had to these "Scary Endings" episodes receiving not only wonderful feedback from our online subscribers but within the horror community itself as we’ve been featured in articles by Dread Central and We Are Indie Horror to name a few. Our 4th episode, ‘Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol’ ended up having its premiere at the 2015 ScreamFest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles. We appreciate your interest and value your continued support.

"Watching you all work together to power through these amazing short films breathes new life to the meaning of being an artist. It is possible to make a quality film with little to no money and/or time. It is possible to tell dark, meaningful stories without compromising plot. It is possible to stand before a mountain of seemingly impossible tasks and say, 'we can do this.'”


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