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Ep. 18 Jacob

Starring Sarah Nicklin and Josh McKevitt

After finding a mysterious slide projector in the attic, Nicole uncovers something sinister in her new home.

Ep. 17 Monster Breath

Starring: Adam J. Yeend, Bianca DeGroat, Miles Chandler

Max thinks there’s a monster under his bed and asks his Dad to check his room. Humoring Max, Dad goes to investigate and is about to find this is more than his son’s imagination.

Ep. 16 Party Crasher

Starring: Ryan Dillon, Camilla Jackson, and Jai Koutrae

Ben wakes to find himself covered in dishware and a masked intruder looming above him; it’s simple – if he moves and drops a plate, his wife Beth will die. Frozen and unable to move, Ben has no choice but to keep still, or does he? As the intruder reveals himself to Beth in the other room, it turns out this intruder’s choice in victim is anything but random.

Ep. 15 There's Something Out There

Starring: Leah de Niese (Twentysomething, House Husbands, Neighbors)

Taking refuge inside of her broken-down car, trying to get a signal on her cell phone, Riley’s (Leah de Niese) time is running out as something out in the desert wilderness is getting closer and closer…

Ep. 14 Am I Beautiful

Starring: Sarah Scott, Abraham Martinez, Belinda Gosbee, Candice Fox

She'll ask you a question, answer correctly and she'll spare your life but at a cost...

May (Sarah Scott) and Zach (Abraham Martinez) are moving into their new home unbeknownst to the evil spirit haunting their bathroom mirror - the Slit-Mouthed Woman (Belinda Gosbee).

Based on the Legend of Kuchisake-onna

Ep. 13 The Water Rises

Starring: Kaitlin Doubleday and Adam J. Yeend

Newlyweds Jennifer and Matt are enjoying a tropical cruise for their honeymoon when disaster strikes the ship trapping the couple in an elevator at the bowels of the ship. As the elevator sinks, the water rises, and time is running short to for these newlyweds to escape for air!

Ep. 12 Santa Claus is a Vampire

Starring: Hannah Marshall, Ryan Dillon, Casey Kooyman, Charlotte Chimes, and Miles Chandler

Happily married couple Sharon and Cody are returning home with this year’s Christmas tree when an unexpected encounter with Vampire Santa Claus leaves Sharon sole defender of her home where no one is safe, not her son, the babysitter Holly (Charlotte Chimes) or even herself. Can she stop Santa from coming down that chimney? Traditional vampire rules apply…

Ep. 11 The Nightmare

Starring: Carlee Baker, James Monarski, and Chris Schellenger

Kim’s sleep is disrupted when a demonic goblin enters her dream, determined to manifest itself in the real world. With her husband Brad right beside her but unaware of what’s going inside her mind, will Kim wake up before it’s too late?

Ep. 10 Welcome to the Circus

Starring: Adrienne Smith (We Can Be Heroes, The Babysitter and the Boogeyman), Guilford Adams (Parenthood, Modern Family) and Miles Chandler

On a stormy night while babysitting her nephew Andrew, Aunt Brandy finds herself stalked by a clown who's straight out of her nephew's toy Jack in the Box. The circus has come to town...

Ep. 9 The Grinning Man

Starring Adam J. Yeend (Brentwood Strangler, Liz & Dick) and Grant Geller (Gotham Adjacent). Featuring the voice of Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse, The 100, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS. While house sitting his aunt's house, Karl Ardo gets a strange phone call in the middle of the night from an entity calling himself Indrid Cold - also known as The Grinning Man. As Karl goes to confront the stranger at the front door, he is about to experience something terrifying and unimaginable.

Ep. 8 U Get What U Deserve

Starring Atsuko Okatsuka (Littlerock) and Mike Estes (Ash vs. Evil Dead). Special Voice Appearance by Gates McFadden (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

During the Trump presidential era, Kagan is the victim of a terrifying home invasion - when she calls 911 for help she quickly finds the newly implemented 911 operating system does not offer help as willingly as it used to. With the intruder in the house, Kagan's life choices could mean a long wait before help arrives…

Ep. 7 Smother Mother

Starring Damien Bodie (Winners & Losers, Neighbors), Michael Osborne (Voyeur) and Kimberly Leemans (The Vampire Diaries, Nashville)

After the mysterious and suspicious death of his overbearing mother, Greg (Damien Bodie) gets a visit from his brother Brad (Michael Osborne) and sister in law Havala (Kimberly Leemans). But when some mysterious messages start appearing on Mother’s old typewriter, it’s evident that mother might not be completely gone…

Ep. 6 He's Right Behind You

Starring Camilla Jackson (Neighbors) and Ryan Dillon (Littlerock, Skypemare)

A woman sits in her apartment on a stormy night, alone.

...or is she?

Ep. 5 Bounce House of Horror!

Starring Sarah Scott (Soaked in Bleach, Bones), Michael Alperan, Betsy Currie and Miles Chandler

Concerned moms Dawn and Jaime wonder why their children haven't come out of a mysterious bounce house in the middle of the park; the mystery turns to horror when Dawn sends her husband Dave to investigate...

Ep. 4 Yummy Meat : A Halloween Carol

Starring: Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), Luke Albright (12 Rounds, Paranormal Movie), Lucas Jaye, and Lou Ferrigno Jr. (How I Met Your Mother, Bones)

On Halloween night, snarky dentist Amber (Laurie) hands out toothbrushes to the neighborhood kids, only to discover that one of them may soon be brushing bits of her from his teeth.

Ep. 3 The Babysitter and the Boogeyman

Starring Adrienne Smith ('We Can Be Heroes'), Mike Estes ('Oz the Great and Powerful')

A child's warnings of a "scary man" in the house are too easily dismissed by his babysitter Katrina as she soon learns when she heads home for the night - someone or something is following her home...

Ep. 2 Voyeur

Starring Jordan Ladd ('Cabin Fever', 'Death Proof', 'Never Been Kissed') and Ryan Dillon ('Skypemare')

Grace and Rick thought they were going to be spending their romantic weekend alone...are they? Who's watching you?

Ep. 1 We Always Come Back

Starring Tahyna Tozzi (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Ryan Dillon (Littlerock, Skypemare)

Jim is haunted by more than just the memories of his wife Sasha. At night, they always come back.

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